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 Welcome to Unlimited-x!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Unlimited-x!   Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:15 pm


Upgrading server to VPS Soon, Just you wait!

In this Brand-New Private we over tons like...

~ Shops for noob gear!

~ A Nicely set starter kit for you guys

~Lots of good pvm action! More to be updated in!

~A Astonishing PVP System! Currently being updated to be smoother

~A Great economy controlled by admins that actually care and have common sense!

~Reasonable Staff, unlike all those other hard ass staff on other servers Smile

~An Amazing Coder!! ~Unlimited~

~A drop rate that will make you respect your drop once you finally get it Smile (Not to easy

~A 250x Exp Rate, A evenly set rate for every type of RsPs player out there whether you be hardcore pk'er, Skiller or even a dicing addict Smile

~And did i mention?? BRAND NEW UPDATES EVERYDAY! (quick 1-2 minute updates so you wont have to wait ages for a new client!)

If That Isn't Enough Evidence For You To Stay, We Even Have Vid Evidence Smile!

Make Sure to check it out xD

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Welcome to Unlimited-x!
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