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 suggestion's for slayer shop :)

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PostSubject: suggestion's for slayer shop :)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:54 am

i am going to suggest a few items to add Smile
obby maul (if not added to regular shops)
spectral spirit shield
divine spirit shield
bandos godsword
zamorak godsword
dragon platebody (sp)
dragon platelegs (sp)
dragon full helm (sp)
dragon square shield (sp)
lederhosen hat (my personal favorite armour)
lederhosen body (my personal favorite armour)
lederhosen legs (my personal favorite armour)
rubber chicken
red h'ween mask
green h'ween mask
blue h'ween mask
all phats
vesta armour and weapons
statius armour and weapons
morrigan's set
zuriel's set
dragon fire shield
robin hood hat
ranger boots
armadyl helmet,platebody, and platelegs
dragon boots
dark bow
staff of light
chaotic staff
chaotic crossbow
p.s sorry if anything is named twice from another list im just throwing stuff in here Smile

there will be more added to this list as i think of it Smile (for people who cannot post under e p 1 k's topic)

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E P 1 K pure

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PostSubject: Re: suggestion's for slayer shop :)   Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:53 am

good ideas we may choose some items from some of these.
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suggestion's for slayer shop :)
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